About Us


We are a family owned business that, started March 2015. We ventured into a new season in our lives with not really knowing much about business but we have been blessed to have steady growth. Our story is one that involves all the glory to the most highest - God our Heavenly Father. We are humbled and honoured to have this opportunity to do business on a daily basis.


Our goal is to provide fast, friendly and reliable courier service in and around the Edmonton area as well as within Canada.

No matter how big or small your delivery is our fleet can accommodate your delivery needs. Our fleet consists of Trailers, Power Tailgate 5 Ton Cube Vans, 1 & 5 Ton Flat decks, 1 Ton Cube Vans and smaller vehicles.

Our Story

LG Courier is impacting the logistics industry in Edmonton, and all over Alberta, by simply providing a dependable service

All of our reviews and testimonials talk about dependability and great customer service.  These are at the core of our business model, and we strive to be the most dependable courier company in Edmonton.