All your options at one place

LG Couriers offers comprehensive delivery services in and around Edmonton as well as anywhere within Canada. Whether it’s something that needs to be picked up and delivered by the same day or within an hour, our committed team always ensures that the job gets done efficiently and on time.

Specialized Service

It often happens that the shipment our clients want to be delivered doesn’t fit the definition of small or lightweight. In the absence of docks or forklifts on their property, the only alternative is to use specialized tools.

Rush Service

There are things that are important. Then there are things that are urgent. And every time you need something delivered or picked up within a few hours, we are here to help you with our Rush Services. Choose from our Rush, Double Rush and Direct Taxi Rush Services depending on your location and time.

Regular Courier Service

When we are slow, we still deliver all couriers within 4 to 6 hours. But this isn’t about us, it is about you. Choose our Regular Courier service when you are in no particular rush. Rest assured you will receive it within 4 to 6 hours of booking our service.

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