Specialized Service

Specialized Service

Delivering shipment of all shapes and sizes

It often happens that the shipment our clients want to be delivered doesn’t fit the definition of small or lightweight. In the absence of docks or forklifts on their property, the only alternative is to use specialized tools.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, we can help.

At LG Courier, we offer power tailgate trucks that are equipped to deliver anything and everything, even when the shipment is too large or too heavy to be carried into your truck easily.

What to expect from a power tailgate delivery?

True to our goal of providing a fast, friendly and reliable courier service to our customers, one of our offerings includes Power Tailgate 5 Ton Cube Vans.

Before we tell you everything that you can expect from this specialized service, here is what a power tailgate means.

What is a power tailgate?

It is a convenient alternative to a forklift. This means you can attach the device to the back of your truck and use it to lift freight from the ground and load it into a vehicle. These are powerful equipment, which come with the capacity of picking up deliveries that weigh as much as about 1,000 lbs.

Edmonton Courier Banner ImageHow we can help with a power tailgate delivery

  1. Ensure safer deliveries: Loading heavy items on a truck without a forklift although not impossible, might be very difficult and pose some genuine challenges. Firstly, any such attempt is risky and arduous for whoever tries lifting them. Secondly, it might even damage the shipment in the process. Using our power tailgate delivery will ensure that none of these happens. With our services, you will save both your effort and the freight.
  2. Ensure faster deliveries: Let’s face it: we are all hard-pressed for time and wouldn’t mind getting things done faster without compromising on quality. Using a power tailgate means more convenient and faster loading of shipments on your truck. That means less time wasted waiting and figuring out how to load heavy items when a forklift is unavailable.
  3. Make things simple for you: We are committed to making your life easier. That’s why we recommend our specialized service of power tailgate delivery so that you don’t have to look for forklifts, ramps, etc. A power tailgate will make loading and unloading faster and more efficient, thus making it a cost-effective option for you. Longer loading time can translate into a higher cost for you.

 Whether you are a business owner or a professional, whether you have all the devices you need for lifting heavy items or need help with the heavy lifting, we are always here.

 Please get in touch so that we can recommend the right service to you.

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